Best Windsurfing Destinations for Beginners

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It’s true that windsurfing is done best in the ocean but if you are not a skilled surfer, you might find it hard to maneuver your board on such pretentious waters. Special boards for beginners can be found at but even after choosing the easiest board to maneuver, you might still have troubles windsurfing. In this case, you need to find a destination that is friendlier and more appropriate for beginners. Stay with us and keep reading to find out which are the best places to go windsurfing if you are only getting the hang of it.


Although the most popular windsurfing destinations in Spain are found in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, you can still find a more accessible spot on the mainland. Tarifa, a small peninsula on the southern coast, is one of the windiest places all year round so you can give it a try in the off-season and enjoy great windsurfing lessons away from the crowds that usually take it by storm in summer.


If you want to enjoy a great family vacation with a pinch of windsurfing just to improve your skills, Greece is the place to go. Aside from all the fun and excitement it provides with its superb places, you can enjoy the perfect conditions in the Marmari and Psalidi islands that are excellent for surfing. In Kremasti and Prasonisi, you will find sandy beaches for your family and a pleasant wind for you and your board.


This wonderful vacation destination can become your new favorite if you want a place where you can experiment and improve your skills. The sheltered bay in Alacati offers constant winds and flat water, two of the essential ingredients you will need for a perfect windsurfing session. You can also enjoy beginners’ classes early in the morning so you can get the best of the mild wind.


Aside from the mesmerizing pyramids and the stunning legends, Egypt also provides great spots for novice surfers in the Soma Bay that includes flat water and soft wind throughout the year. This means you can enjoy solitude and time for practice in the off-peak or you can take advantage of the quality instruction offered by experienced surfers.


This beautiful country sure has all the assets to attract tourists looking for adventure, excitement, and also relaxation. The stunning city of Algarve is the second most popular after the capital Lisbon and for good reason, considering the amazing natural reserve that delivers top quality windsurfing conditions. The small village of Lagos includes many lagoons and offers a stable wind that will help you practice windsurfing at peace.