Best USA Summer Destinations

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There are many places to visit in the USA during the summer, all with unique attractions. When planning a trip, it is important to consider what would make you happy. Do you want to relax? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to reconnect with nature? Decide which type of activity would make you the happiest and then choose a destination that suits your needs. In what follows, you will discover our top destinations for different types of vacations.

For beach fun

If you are one of those people who doesn’t feel like they’re on vacation unless they’re sipping a cocktail on the beach, then Hawaii should be your first choice. If your budget allows it, go to Manele Bay or to Kauna’oa Bay. Florida is another great destination for beach lovers, with Clearwater beach being one of the most popular areas.

For waterpark adventures

If you are a waterpark enthusiast, then you should definitely head off to Wisconsin Dells. Recognized by all as the waterpark capital of the world, this small Wisconsin town is home to the best waterparks in the world. To fully enjoy the waterpark theme experience, make sure to stay at one of the best Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Hotels. There are many hotels that offer excellent conditions for affordable prices and most of them feature their own indoor and outdoor waterparks. Moreover, the Dells are also a great destination for families with children, as the town has countless child friendly attractions.

For reconnecting with nature

If you want to enjoy a quiet nature escapade, while also escape the exhausting summer heat, you should head over to Glacier National Park. Northern Montana will take your breath away with its amazing landscapes and hiking through the park is a great way to get in shape and let go of the daily stress. Bolder in Colorado and Acadia National park in Maine, are also great destinations for outdoorsy people.

For a cultural experience

If you want to visit a place where different cultures mix beautifully and where old traditions meet new ideas, go to Santa Fe in New Mexico. The Spanish buildings give this place a special charm, and the native and western influences enrich this town’s cultural heritage.

These are our favorite USA summer destination. Obviously, there are countless amazing holiday destinations that were not included in this short list. We just wanted to share our favorite places to visit, and give you a few ideas for your next vacation.