5 Best Tea Recipes from Around the World

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Most people believe that drinking tea helps you relax and forget about everyday problems. Several studies have shown that a cup of tea reduces stress and makes you healthier and happier, too. Since today’s topic is about tea recipes and traditions from around the world, we are glad to share with you some of the most interesting yet odd tea recipes that are widely known throughout the world.

The Afternoon Tea

There’s nothing more popular in this world when it comes to traditional teas than the Afternoon tea, also known as British tea. You might be surprised to find out that British people drink more tea than anyone in the world. The Afternoon Tea is a tea with tradition. In the 19th century, the tea was served around 5 pm by the Duchess. Historians say that the Duchess was too hungry to wait until 9 pm when dinner was served. This way, the tea served in the afternoon with cakes became a habit that continues today.

To make a good cup of black tea, start by boiling water in the tea kettle. Pour the boiled water in the teapot and put 2 tsp of fresh leaf tea per person. Leave for 3 – 4 minutes to infuse. Use a strainer and put the tea directly into the cups. After that, pour some milk into the cup. As you know, afternoon tea is made with milk. The tradition says that the milk should be poured before the tea. Moreover, it is recommended to use a metal spoon to keep the tea hotter for a longer amount of time.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Allow us to introduce to you the Moroccan tea culture. The most famous tea in Morocco is mint tea. It is a green tea with a lot of spearmints. A few centuries ago, this traditional tea was drunk by rich people only. However, preparing this tea is not complicated. All you need is sugar, green tea leaves, and mint. Pour water in the kettle to boil it, one spoon of sugar to sweeten it slightly, after which you add the green tea and mint. It’s best to use a cast iron kettle to unleash the full flavor of the tea’s ingredients, leaving them for 5 minutes in the hot water to infuse properly.

The ceremonial method to prepare tea consists of the typical Moroccan tea service and what tea represents for guests. The how brew is put in slim and small glasses and it is served three times to the same person. The first glass comes with a weak and delicate tea that represents life. The second cup comes with a stronger tea that represents love. The last glass of tea is stronger than the second and it represents death. It is rude to refuse any of these glasses. So, if you are invited to a Moroccan house and the host serves tea, enjoy it!

Tibetan tea

Have you ever heard about putting salt butter into your tea? Sounds a bit strange? Well, we are just talking about an interesting Tibetan tea recipe known as Pemagul tea. Put water into a kettle and boil black tea for a couple of hours. After that, add some salt, silk, and butter. But remember – not any type of butter! The traditional recipe is with yak butter which makes the blend more consistent. The tea should have the consistency of a creamy soup.

Indian Chai Tea

Looking forward to trying something new when it comes to hot drinks and spicy beverages? Well then, the Indian Chai tea might be exactly what you need. The traditional recipe is based on a mixture of black tea leaves with spices, including cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cardamom. What is really interesting about this recipe is the fact that the ingredients boil in milk with water. Hence, to prepare this famous Indian tea, you need two parts of water and one-part milk. Put the spices, the water, and the milk all together in a pan on the stove. Add in black tea leaves and sugar, and mix them. Use a strainer and put the mixture into a cup. As you can see, this recipe doesn’t require a tea kettle.

 Taiwanese bubble tea

Have you ever tasted such an incredible drink? The Taiwanese bubble tea is more like cold tea. To prepare 2 cups, you need water, 6 black tea bags, a medium cup of tapioca, and brown sugar syrup. Put the water with the tea bags in a kettle and boil them for about 30 minutes. Let the tea cool off and separately boil the tapioca pearls with water. Boil them until they become soft to touch. Use a strainer to take out the pearls. Put them in a different bowl and put the brown sugar over. Pour some water and let it sit until the sugar is dissolved. Put the pearls into a cup. Add ice and tea. It is a tasty cold drink and will make your day more enjoyable.


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