Attractions to visit in your Italy fantasy tour

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Europe is one of the most solicited travel destinations, especially the southern region of Europe. And it is no wonder it quickly won our hearts. Welcoming locals, delicious food, friendly climate and fascinating customs and culture, they all contribute to a unique experience. One of the must-see countries in Europe is the breath-taking Italy, and touristic agencies include in their packages extraordinary trips, like an eight days fantasia tour. This type of tours are perfect for those looking to cover a large part of a country in a matter of days, without the over planning usually implied by it. And what can be more fulfilling than having breakfast in a different city every day, for a week? However, if you want to see what a tour of this kind has to offer, continue reading below.

Rome, the jewel of Europe

At least form a touristic point of view, if you ever land in Italy, Rome is not a city to miss. With a colourful history, it gathers relics from Ancient times, and plenty of artistic and historical emblems in its museums. Make sure you don’t miss The Colosseum, the mega structure built between 71-81 AD, and originally used for amusement purposes by the roman elite. Bullfights, chariot races and gladiator fights were hosted here, until the coming of Theodosius, the Orthodox emperor who banned all manifestations of this kind. Also, when in Rome, make sure you profit from the day tours usually organised by touristic agencies and visit the gothic treasure Assisi, hosting the Basilica di San Francesco.

Florence, the Renaissance city

An emblem of Italian art, the city of Florence flourishes with attractions dating from Renaissance. With a stunning architecture, Florence is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. “Ponte Vecchio” is an attraction nobody should miss, dating from the 12th century. Built over the Arno River, it bonds two equally beautiful parts of the city, where tourists can enjoy local shops and restaurants. And, while in the city, make sure you visit the stunning piece of architecture that Santa Maria del Fiore is.

Venice, the floating city

The magic surrounding Venice makes it perfect for sightseeing, having something to offer at every step. The home of a stunning culture, in Venice you can find the first Jewish ghetto in the world. And of course, you have to make sure you don’t miss the intricate Basilica San Marco or the city’s charming narrow canals and impressive gondolas. Food and wine are some things all visitors must try when in Venice, since nearby, in Montepulciano, in every July takes place the Jazz and Wine festival. Of course, this region is popular amongst wine amateurs, wine tasting tours being one of the go-to activities here.

Indisputably charming, and never repeating itself, Italy has something to offer to all its visitors. From the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, to intricate attractions dating for centuries, it remains one of the most surprising touristic destinations around the world.