A recollection of the most awful holiday ever

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This is the awful and somewhat amusing story of my trip to Essex. The first time I went, or better said, left to go to Chelmsford, my entire travel was a true adventure. My friends have heard me say that it was the worst trip of my entire life so far or that it was the most dreadful experience on the road, but all of these statements are mere exaggerations. I don’t know why I like to think that it was a trouble filled excursion, because it wasn’t. Yes, I had some problems with the car or better said I had difficulties getting into the car. How can that happen? It’s easy; I locked my keys inside the vehicle! To put things short, here is what I should have done that very moment: go online, search for a company which offers car key replacement on the spot, like http://www.aautolocksmith.co.uk/lost-car-keys/ which I did not know about at the moment, and call them to my location. It wasn’t rocket science, but somehow I took the long road towards solving this problem. Here is what I did so that you won’t reiterate my awful mistake.

I was driving on the highway and, out of the blue, I decided to change the itinerary and take an additional road towards my final destination: the beautiful rural and traditional looking settlings in the historical Essex County. First mistake: I should have never parted from the main road which I knew took me straight to my destination. I got on a different road and, guess what: I saw a nice field where I could take pictures in that pretty light. Second mistake: stopped the car to take photos of the grass! I was looking at over the place for the best spot to put my camera and I totally forgot about the car keys which I had left inside the vehicle. Third, but not final, mistake: I locked myself out of the car… don’t ask me how I did that, apparently I forgot about the auto lock system and just left the keys inside.


After seeing that there was no way to get them out of there, I immediately started to look for solutions. I called a friend and asked him to research the problem on the web. He got back with a phone number for me to call and the promise that I would get the best assistance from them. It was nothing like this! I called and they sent a team of experts, there was nothing wrong about that, but the problem was that they towed my car to their service, rather than fixing it on the spot like the company I later found out about could do. Best advice from me? Do not trust the replacement companies which promise services at a different location because no matter how fast they promise the work to be done, you are far better off using a firm which has mobile equipment and cuts or moulds the key right where your car is stuck. Needless to say that after this experience, my day and entire trip was ruined…