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When it comes to travel-worthy locations, it is impossible not to talk about Courchevel. Courchelvel is by far one of the ultimate destinations for those looking forward to enjoy a ski holiday. The reason for this is that the ski area located in the Savoie region has one of the best slopes in the world. As a matter of fact, the ski area is the world’s biggest skiing area and this is not an exaggeration. The resort expands over 5 altitudes and each village has a different face. Equally important is mentioning the high number of chalets the destination has to offer. If you want to rent chalet Courchevel, you can do so without much difficulty. Our guide will help you discover the ski resort.

What Courchevel represents

Contrary to popular opinion, Courchevel is not just a simple ski resort dedicated to those with a passion for spending money. La Tania and Le Praz accommodated the Winter Olympics. While there is no doubt that this name stand out when it comes to skiing, it is worth mentioning that it is a village, or rather a mixture of villages, with a long history. The tourism activities first began in the 20th century, at a time when the economy of the mountain depended largely on cultivating vegetables, breeding and producing cheese. The village started to experience change when electricity was introduced.  The very first ski tow was created in Moriond during World War II y the Vichy regime. The reason why the resort stands out is that it was literally built from scratch.

Wide selection of accommodation

The great news is that Courchevel offers a wide range of accommodation, so finding something you like will not be an issue. What you have to choose from is apartments and chalets. Unquestionably, you should stay in a chalet. Unlike hotels, chalets are built around main tourist attractions. What is more, you enjoy the same amount of comfort at a faction of the cost. Some chalets even offer catering services.

Skiing in Courchevel

The wealth of mountain should be enough to want to ski in Courchevel. Snow clearing is very efficient, not to mention that you have transportation. The ski resort is suitable for beginner, intermediaries and advanced skiers. In fact, you cannot find a better skiing area. The prices are not as high as everyone thinks they are. The prices are actually affordable. It is important to stress that the resort should be discovered village by village.

Activities off the slopes

As surprising as it may seem, you can do other things that skiing in Courchevel. What you can do is take a trip to the Aquamotion. The center located in Mariond has many features, one of the most notable ones being the indoor and outdoor pools. The surface area is fine too. If you do not know how to ski, you can go to the spa. After a cold day, you will most certainly enjoy the beauty treatments and the massages that the local spas have to offer. What is certain is that professional beauticians provide all the treatments. Finally yet importantly, you can see all the villages from a helicopter. The experience is thrilling and the view of the mountains breathtaking.