3 good reasons why you should travel to Napoli

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Napoli is an Italian city that needs no introduction. Or maybe it does. Napoli is a delightful and singular capital, being as seductive as it is colorful. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not Italy’s most scary city. You may have heard stories about the Mafia and or runway crimes, but what you should know is that the metropolitan area is far from being unsafe. You can wander out to the center and even go out at night. As a matter of fact, Napoli is similar to many large cities in the world. Well, almost. Not all cities are close to the Amalfi Coast or easy to get to. If you are in Firenze, you can jump on a bus Firenze Napoli and you will arrive in southwest Italy immediately. Not convinced that you should visit Napoli? Here are 3 good reasons why you should.

Seeing the Renaissance architecture

Everywhere you look, there is either a stunning archway or an interior courtyard that takes your breath away, literally. Napoli has kept the signature of the successive cultures that emerged in Europe, the result being that the architecture is quite unique. What you have is a diverse architectural style which simply cannot be classified. Even though a great number of buildings have been demolished, others have been fully restored. Among the many architectural attractions, mention can be made of Castel dell’Ovo, located on an island connected to the Italian city, and the Church of Santa Chiara. Equally important is mentioning the historic center with its design of piazzas, streets and monuments.

Eating pizza

Possibly the best pizza in the world is made in Italy. Nonetheless, you will find that in Napoli pizza is mind-blowingly good. After all, this is the place where it was invented. What makes the Neapolitan pizza stand out is not the ingredients, but the way the it is prepared. Pizza is cooked in wood-fire ovens by professional chefs. When baked in ovens of this kind, pizza is mushy in the center and crisp on the edges. What is sure is that the pizza served in Napoli is nothing like what you are likely to taste in American restaurants. If you have watched Eat Pray Love, then you do not need suggestions on where to go for lunch.

Meeting warm inhabitants

If you do not speak Italian, you may fear that you will not be able to communicate with the locals. However, the inhabitants know a word or two of English, even if they are not very good when it comes to speaking this language. In Napoli, you will not find it very difficult to get across to people. Besides the fact that they are likely to understand you, people are very friendly. While they give the impression of being busy, in fact the inhabitants are more than glad to provide you directions or to make small talk. By and large, Italians are good people. While it is true that some of them have faults, everyone does. You can be sure that Italians are courteous, friendly and helpful.